This blog is a portfolio site and repository for some of the work created by Mark Thistlethwaite under the working name of MarronMade. I am an educator, designer and craftsperson. I try to encompass all of these disciplines in the work I make. The posts (under the Home menu) are some of the work I have produced, mainly on my own, but occasionally in collaboration. These are largely for myself or my family, but there are also commissioned pieces included here.

I approach the creation of this work in a systematic manner. The work has to have a considered aesthetic, be fit for purpose, be sustainable (wherever possible) and answer a brief. The brief can be described as a series of solutions which solve a problem or  solutions which are negotiated with the client. Each piece of work has been given a rating from 0 – 10 based on these four criteria. This is an arbitrary system based on my subjective analysis of the work, in order to attempt to rate or score the work. The reader may wish to apply their own ratings.


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